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What is a redirection service?

Redirection services allow their users to convert a URL into another, usually shorter, URL that the users can then distribute to others. When the recipient clicks on the short URL they are redirected to the initial true url. There are many free redirection services available, see the list.

What should I do when I get a short URL in the mail?

Use common sense, and treat it carefully, like an invitation from someone you don't know well. Use TrueURL.net to check if other people accessed it. See the destination URL, and then decide if you want to follow it or not.

Can my computer get attacked or infected when I use TrueURL.net to check the short URLs?

No. When you use TrueURL.net, your computer does not come into contact with the remote site. TrueURL.net is shielding you from any harmful content you can potentially receive.

Will the marketers know that I clicked on their link when I use TrueURL?

The check that TrueURL.net performs consists of two steps. In the first step, we check our database to see if the short URL has been looked up before. If someone has looked up this short URL before, we will display the result without ever contacting the redirection service.

If your short URL has never been accessed before, you will have a choice to tell us to contact the redirection service and discover the true URL that the short URL is pointing to, or not to do anything.

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